Printing Methods

You can rely on our expertise to have your project completed on time, the right way.

We will advise you on best printing process for you. Just come down to our store and look at our samples. We have t-shirts and sweatshirts tested in real life with help of our own kids. They were worn, thrown on the floor, kicked around, finally washed and hung in their closets…again and again. You can judge for yourself. Our next day service is only limited to stock availability of the garments. Contact us for details.

LOW QUANTITY – Ready for next day for small orders, no minimums

Full colour prints

Light colour cotton t-shirts
From our experience transfers printed with pigment ink tend to be the most durable. They wash better than transfers printed with dye-based inks or even the laser transfers. There are many different manufactures of heat transfer paper. We believe our transfer paper is the best on the market. The colours are vivid and the thin polymer coating holds ink for maximum colour saturation while reducing the look of the polymer background surrounding the image. The softness of the transfer increases with washing. We produce durable art and messages that will withstand many wash cycles with soft hand and aesthetics that rival high quality screen printing. Our transfer is Green-e Certified, which makes it perfect for infant and children clothing!

Dark cotton or polyester t-shirts
Printing on dark colour t-shirts is different. Dark colour transfer contains an opaque white layer which adds to the thickness of the transfer. Hand is not as soft as it is on white material but our newest dark garment transfer looks and feels great. When printing on the dark shirt we cut out the image with a plotter for best result. This process can offer great quality result but it is also least lasting.

Polyester and synthetics light colour t-shirts
For light coloured, synthetic fabrics we offer sublimation transfer process. Sublimation ink bonds together with synthetic fibers creating long lasting soft hand. Can’t be used with cotton. Running shirts, cycling shirts decorated for sponsored athletic events are ideal application.

Spot colour film

Lettering using decorating film
Variety of materials, great for team jerseys. It is a great way to transfer text or solid colour logos onto garments but you won’t be able to transfer photos. Quality vinyl transfer is lab certified by our supplier to not crack, peel or fade for fifty washes. Prefered method for team jerseys with names and numbers.

LARGER QUANTITY – Pre-ordered quantity with recommended minimums

Spot colour screen printing

Screen printed or screen printed transfers
Popular printing method used in decorating garments with commercial printing press. Larger quantity is required to offset initial setup costs. You can’t print colour photos and longer turnaround time is needed. Screen printed transfers are silk screen technology using durable plastisol inks. They are guaranteed to last the life of the garment. Each step in the process of producing screen printed transfers is exactly the same as actual screen printing. Biggest advantage of using a transfer vs printing on the garment is exactly that. Image is pressed on garment when needed, you can have large selection of garments and you can constantly add to your line of products. They are also environmentally friendly with phlalate-free inks.